Serving Industry, Retail Stores, and the Food Trade Since 1921.

"Service Is Our FIRST Consideration."
George A. Bossler

E. A. Dages, Inc. as our company is known today, was founded in 1921 by the current owner's grandfather, George Arlington Bossler.

1921 - George A. Bossler rented a small warehouse on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia. He sold butter wrappers and egg cartons, as well as butcher paper.

1932 - G. A. Bossler outgrew the rented building. A larger warehouse was purchased at 306 New Street in Philadelphia. There, he was joined in business by his son-in-law Edwin Dages. The company predominantly served the food industry, specializing in a wide selection of paper products and bags until the passing of Mr. Bossler in 1945. Edwin Dages changed the company name to E. A. Dages and incorporated in 1949.

1959 - E. A. Dages, Inc. expanded to include a small branch warehouse in Allentown. The growing line of products now included gift wrapping materials and packaging for industry.
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1960 - Kenneth Dages joined the firm as a salesman to continue the tradition of family-style dedication and service.

1963 - A new, larger warehouse was built in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania to sustain the growing needs and future plans of the company.
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1967 - The success and location of the Montgomeryville facility allowed the sale of the Allentown warehouse and the expansion of the distribution center.

1980 - The addition of in-house printing for custom bags and boxes, enabled clients to attain personalized recognition.

1988 - Scott K. Dages joined the firm as a salesman, becoming the fourth generation in the business.

1998 - Bonnie L. Schorr (Dages) joined the firm as a customer service representative.

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Since 1963 The company has greatly diversified its product line, and now services almost every type of business.  Please contact one of  our excellent customer service representatives, and they will be happy to assist you with all of your packaging needs.

Mr. Bossler's philosophy of business,
"Service is our first consideration,"
and the continuation of that ideal has enabled our company to serve the
Delaware Valley for 93 years, and will guide us into the next century.

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